Heaven's Means of Communication

Lesson 1

January 3, 2009

Scripture: Genesis 18:1-15, 32:30; Exodus 4:10-17; Psalm 19:1-6; John 1:14, 3:16; Colossians 2:9.

The year 2008 is now history. When we look back, we can see that the world experienced a mixture of emotions: times of joy, times of grief, times of change.

Celebrations were in order when the New York Giants defeated the New England Patriots 17-14 to claim the third largest upset in Super Bowl Victory. Also, when the Philadelphia Phillies became the World Series baseball champs beating the Tampa Bay Rays 4-3. And who can forget that historic Olympics moment when Michael Phelps took the sport of swimming to a new level winning his tenth gold medal?

Yet along with the celebrations came sorrow when the Sichuan earthquake hit China with an 8.0 magnitude and killed 69,227 people, besides the thousands unaccounted for.1 Myanmar faced its own tragedy when a cyclone ripped through the region leaving at least a 146,000 dead.2 And there are those familiar people we will miss seeing on TV this year because they have died: White House Press Secretary Tony Snow, actors Paul Newman and Charlton Heston, gospel singer-songwriter Dottie Rambo, and “Meet the Press” moderator Tim Russet, to name a few.

The world watched the United States election coverage with great anticipation as the Democratic Primaries came down to a race between the first woman and the first African American presidential candidates for a major party. And who can forget Sarah Palin, the first woman Republican Vice-Presidential candidate with her fresh approach to politics and upbeat soccer mom attitude? In just a few days, history will be made as America swears in its first African American president.

As a nation we longed for the war in Iraq to end because the current 4,128 American casualties were hard to accept.3 We were shocked when Texas authorities raided the FLDS ranch because we didn’t know that there were women and children in America who felt imprisoned. We were disappointed to learn that John Edwards had an affair while his wife was battling cancer. And we felt anxiety during the Stock Market meltdown because our jobs, houses, and financial futures were at stake.

So here we are: the first Sabbath of a new year. And we can’t help but wonder, “What will 2009 be like?” Tabloids at the grocery stores tell us what self-proclaimed psychics predict. But this new quarter’s lesson shows a better way. Today we begin studies on “The Prophet Gift.”

This week’s lesson assures us that Jesus wants to communicate with us. He doesn’t want us to fear the future. When He created Adam and Eve, they enjoyed face-to-face communication with Him on a daily basis. And although sin has robbed us of that privilege, Jesus hasn’t abandoned us. Through nature, His chosen prophets, the Bible, and Jesus Himself coming as God in human flesh, our faithful Lord has continued to communicate with us.

And this communication will not end until we once again talk with Him face-to-face.


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