The Gift of Prophecy and God’s Remnant Church

Lesson 4

January 24, 2009


Consecutive Order

"Mommie, mommie!" squealed little Joey. He bounded in the door, slamming it behind him and running to the home office where his mother was working at the computer.

"What is it, Joey? Did something exciting happen?" His mother asked him, opening her arms to her five-year-old as he leaped onto her lap.

Joey nodded his head up and down fast. "Mommie!" he said. "I gotta tell you!"

"Calm down and tell me," Mother said.

Joey took a deep breath and began talking rapidly, illustrating with rapid gestures using both arms and hands. "Well, there was water in the ditch. Lots of water. I helped my daddy clean up the ditch once. And there was lots of water in it. And Nicky (Joey's dog) was with me, and he pulled him out of the water. Nicky saved his life. I told Bobby we couldn't play there. The water was dangerous. Too much of it. But Bobby ran over there anyway. Nicky pulled him out of the water, and he just laid there like this—" Joey stretched out his arms and lay on the kitchen floor. Then he jumped up and wiped his hands across his face. "Mommie," he said, "I was so scared. The police came. I screamed and got his mommie to help us. Bobby's okay, mommie. He's okay. He's walking and talking and everything. Mrs. Harris called the police, and they came. And I told Bobby not to go there. Mrs. Harris can see the ditch from her kitchen.

That's why the police came. She ran over to Bobby's house, too! , and they carried Bobby home. But he's going to be okay, mommie. Nicky pulled him out of the ditch. Lots of water down there."

Mother and Joey paid a visit to Bobby's home to make sure he was all right. All the way Mother was chuckling to herself about how her son had managed to tell the story so well even though he didn't pay the slightest attention to the sequence of events.

Moral: God's messengers never get excited exactly like Joey did, but the stories they tell about the end of time don't always tell everything that's going to happen in the order they'll occur. And they often don't give dates.

What matters most is the conclusion. God wins.


Leading Thought. As we open the last books of the Bible, we find ourselves reading the grand conclusion of the gospel message. In Revelation 12 a story unfolds of a pregnant woman who gives birth to the future leader of mankind.

But in the middle of the account as the woman is giving birth, John describes the dragon's tail sweeping one-third of the stars out of the sky and flinging them to earth. We believe this happened as the war in heaven raged some time before Adam and Eve. The story continues in verse 5 and 6 by describing the birth of the Messiah. In verse 7 John goes back to the story of the war in heaven. In all of Revelation, let's focus on the most important reality: God wins.

Joyce Griffith





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